Location: Port Vila,Vanuatu

It’s absurd to think that we only have less than 20 days down here on Argo. As the days go by, we are really starting to come together as one crew and one family. The day began with some extra exciting wake-ups led by yours truly. While everyone was quite thrilled to wake up to my melodic voice, they were considerably more thrilled about the exciting adventures awaiting all of us on the island or underwater. We split off into two groups for the day, one that went diving and the other that had a day onshore.

As a part of the diving group, I can safely say that the life underwater was absolutely breathtaking (literally so, considering that I ran out of airway too quickly and surfaced with a nearly empty tank). The first dive site that we visited was called West Side Story and consisted of the most beautiful reef and fish. Just hanging out down there was easily one of the best experiences of this trip and my life so far. We all surfaced pretty much, screaming and freaking out over all the beauty that we had just witnessed. Sharing moments like that, which can’t be captured through words or pictures, definitely brings the whole crew together since we’re the only ones who can truly understand what that moment felt like. When we got back on the boat, we had hot coffee and a fruit platter awaiting us – true luxury. As we jumped into the water for the second dive of the day, the adrenaline and excitement from seeing the reef were enough to ward off the chill of the cold, nippy water.

Coming back on the boat and hearing from all the adventures that people had onshore was great and very uplifting. Several people went on a taxi tour of the island. One of the highlights of the tour was visiting a sea turtle sanctuary. The energy on the boat was amazing, and I hope that these last few weeks are full of many more days like today.

Bye friends,

Pictured: Shelby loving her dive; Henry amazed at the size of the plate coral; Anastacia under the boat; Rhea swimming over beautiful coral; a view of the diversity of species on Vanuatu reefs; baby white tip reef sharks; Raul, Maddie, Sam, Henry, Danny, and Evan on the Big Blue dive boat; Rhea and Anastacia hanging out during the surface interval; Kari, Emily, Frank, and Coral with a baby sea turtle; Frank and Coral with some adult sea turtles; Coral, Frank, Emily, Kari, and Garrison at the blue lagoon.