Location: Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, courtesy of Coral. It was an early morning as we continued in our groups from yesterday, with the second group getting to go diving this time and the first getting shore time. Yours truly was part of the shore contingent, so I can’t speak first hand about the dives. Judging by the reactions of my shipmates when we met up at 3:00, though, they had just as fantastic a time today as we did yesterday. This is some of the healthiest, most pristine coral that we’ve seen on our trip. In the words of Shelby, she who has logged 3,000+ dives, TOP FIVE! TOP FIVE DIVES EVER!

The group who went ashore split off into sections, with a few taking a helicopter/ziplining excursion, while others elected to remain closer to the ground. We had the chance to visit the local food market, which was phenomenal, and get our fill of fresh produce before the upcoming long passage to Australia. Several people also visited the nearby handicrafts market to pick up locally made souvenirs and presents for you all back home. Another group tried Kava, a root drink that is part of the traditional Vanuatuan culture.

After returning to Argo in the afternoon, we Rescue divers had a scenario run, in the lead up to our official certification, while the chefs got dinner started and some shipmates worked on marine biology papers that are due tonight. Then it was time for dinner, followed by marine biology class, and settling into a last round of anchor watches here in Vanuatu before we depart tomorrow morning.

Pictured: Garrison, Emily, Amanda, Tim, Rhea, Coral, Lucy, Kari, and Frank excited about the amazing diving; Garrison is just hanging out during the surface interval; beautiful fields of plate coral; an anemone with its anemone fish!