Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

Our last day in Vanuatu started off with a final rescue scenario for the rescue divers. They have been working hard to complete the course, and they finally did it! Then we had breakfast, and we began passage prep. We all worked hard and fast to get the passage prep done because we knew it was the last one. Sail covers were removed, halyards were attached, benches were lashed down, and the salon, galley, and personal spaces were all 40/40’ed. After passage prep, we set sail for Australia! Once we got underway, we had a tasty lunch of breakfast burritos. Once lunch was starting to come to an end, it started to rain. The students got to stay down below for most of the rain because we had class, but once class was over, some students had to come out of hiding and face the rain. We prefer clear skies, and the rain really makes you appreciate the sun or the stars that much more. It rained so much, in fact, that we ended watch with a nice veggie soup for dinner down below in the salon. We rarely eat meals down below, but it warmed everyone up and gave us a little morale boost going into night watches. What a great way to end a cold night and a way to start the last passage of the trip. It’s hard to believe that we are on our way to Australia- we’ve all been thinking and talking about our final destination- but it’s crazy to think that we are approaching it.

Pictured: Cat and Amanda in the water preparing for the rescue scenario; Emily sweating the main halyard; Danny, Coral, Frank, Rhea, and Anastacia as sails were being raised.

Current position: