Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

Day three on our sail to our final destination. It’s kind of crazy we’re here; when we first started, it almost felt like the end would never come, yet here we are, days away from the Great Barrier Reef, possibly the craziest dive of our lives. I’m so stoked! I can’t wait because this has been on my bucket list since I joined the world of scuba diving in 2014 with AQ. However, today, like most passage days, came and went in the blink of an eye. My watch team got to do the 4-8 watch, and we enjoyed the beautiful Pacific sunrise. Amanda took the win today for guessing the exact time the orb came up. She must know these things; she’s kinda a scientist, I think. Then DMTs tackled the infamous final chapter of DMT reviews. We hope to be full Divemasters by the time we reach Australia! Crossing our fingers, we all pass our final. At the end of our watch, a bird tried to land on our weathervane at the top of the mainmast. It was so funny to see him spinning around and around, not understanding why his perch was so unstable. He flew off after a few turns around, and we wish him the best!

Lunch rolled around, and we got to gather all together and see our friends. After lunch, we had a great class of Oceanography discussing the really interesting topic of aquaculture fisheries. I found it very interesting that about 1/3 of fish we consume worldwide is actually harvested with such methods. After this, we had a seamanship class with Timbo. I’m starting to get comfortable with these charts; I can’t wait to show off my skills to my brother. After a long hot day, we got blessed with on-deck showers with a nice sunset as our view while we got to cool off and wash off the day’s grime. So freshhh soo cleannn!! Finally, dinner came, and along with it came some sea friends to join us. They (no joke) are called boobies. At first, we welcomed them, but soon they became too comfortable and dropped some major bombs over our heads. Now the deck is fully colored in boobie droppings. And I’m so glad to announce that for the first time in three days, I had seconds and even thirds. Wow, I absolutely love the chefs right now; I’m gonna go to bed will a full belly.

Pictured: A sunrise selfie! A boobie and some blue sky during bow watch this morning.

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