Location: Sandy Island, Grenada

Today was beautiful, a day to make of it what you like. We awoke to our picturesque surroundings, becoming more vibrant as the morning hours crept by, and the sun rose high in the sky. We started with a scheduling meeting, letting the crew decide when and which classes they wanted to have for this coming week. Following that, we shifted our focus once more to the Emergency First Response class to take the final exam in both Primary and Secondary Care. I am extremely proud to announce that we have nine new Emergency First Responders on board! With the recent achievement brightening up the mood, everyone continued on throughout the day, making it into precisely what they desired. Some continued on in the achieving mode and attained their dinghy driver certification, now able to safely and securely navigate Exy (our tiller dinghy) off on adventures. Others chose to go ashore with Jack and me to explore the local vendors and outdoor market place. There was also some intense windsurfing, being that the wind was fair and the water quite smooth. After a while, the crew turned the page and decided to get a bit studious and review for an upcoming marine bio test. Now that its dinner time, there are some amazing smells coming through the hatch! Noah and Ivy are creating some delicious fried rice and sauteed veggies. Time to go enjoy! Until next time!