Location: Petit Piton Point, St. Lucia

Early wake up today at 6 am. Went underway putting our Navigation knowledge to the test, planning our sail, and finding our headings. The mountain we climbed the day before slowly disappeared behind us. Beautiful blue sky dotted with white and black clouds. It rained on and off throughout the sail. We motor sailed a lot today due to the fact that the wind shifted, causing us to sail into the wind. Watch teams went on deck for two-hour increments, those not on watch studied for the upcoming exam tomorrow morning. Along the way, a pod of dolphins greeted us as we arrived in Saint Lucia. There was an attempt to use a hydrophone to listen to dolphins, but the engine was too loud. We picked up a mooring ball next to a mountain called Petit Piton. It is something out of Jurassic Park. We are all half expecting to see dinosaurs on the shore.