Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

This morning the soothing vibes of Ben Howard echoed through the saloon, but at this stage of the trip almost everyone is up before wake up at our regular 7am alarm call. You learn to live with the Caribbean; a persistent near 6am year-round sunrise is the light and warmth that is better than any watch or other device at regulating your wake up time. It is one of my favorite times of the day in the islands, as occasionally shore side roosters alert you to the cool fresh air, calm waters, and some of the most polite morning people in the world. I understand and enjoy why we lose grasp of our lazy sleep-ins of the now much darker northern latitudes.
It was a quick turn around at breakfast as one of those wonderful morning people, Jimmy, was waiting for us ashore to taxi us to our latest hiking adventure up to the crater of the active volcano on the island. The volcanic Caribbean produces so many wonders that we just could not tear ourselves away, leaving us to a late, late lunch at 2pm when we finally made it back onboard. What was left of the afternoon was utilized for study or recuperation and for me as vessel master to head to customs and immigration to fulfill all the formalities of heading to a different territory tomorrow. Young Island is spectacular and Peter, Stephanie, Wallace, Josh, Roger, Tommy and myself climbed up its 250 steps to the rocky outcrop laden with multiple historic cannons and more volcanic geology. Our destination tomorrow of St. Lucia’s Pitons, hot springs and botanical garden will certainly open everyone’s eyes to new wonders of our world. However, for now the only thing that everyone was wide-eyed for were dessert cupcakes and donuts that I landed on the dinner table. I guess those ‘formalities’ I have to fulfill sometimes bring a bounty of goodies back to the boat.