Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

The tarp was down, and sail covers were off by 8 am as we prepared for our short passage from Bequia to St. Vincent. Our first timed sail raise clocked in at a staggering 10 minutes and 11 seconds – a time even Smudge was impressed by. Crossing the channel between the two islands, Ocean Star got a chance to wrestle with some Atlantic winds, and the jib was raised to help speed us on our way. We had moored by lunch in the shadow of Young Island, arguably one of our most beautiful shore views yet.
After a quesadilla lunch, the crew headed to the saloon for a cutthroat game of Oceanography Jeopardy. Pitting the Neaps, the Pyrotastics, and the Manta Rays head to head revealed that we definitely knew a lot about wave energy (our most recent lecture) but were a little rusty on ocean sediments (one of our first lectures). While the winners (the Manta Rays by 2 points) munched on their victory prize of peanut M&Ms, we dove into an afternoon of quiet study time (where you can bet most of us were brushing up on our marine sediments).
Stuffed full of a dinner of pasta, salad, and garlic bread, we pondered the squeeze question of the night: What is your prized possession? With each answer, we got a peek into each person’s past – what made them think of home, of their family, of friends, or of good memories gone by. The artifacts close to our hearts can reveal a lot about a person. Maybe that’s why little kids love show-and-tell so much?