Location: Atlantic Ocean

After nine days of passage, we have all found our rhythm and role in this new lifestyle. As alien as it felt at first waking up at odd hours of the night to go do night watch, we all look forward to the possibility of a moonless starry night or an angelic sunrise. I might be speaking for myself here, but having never been a morning person, I have come to especially appreciate these sunrises. This morning, my watch team of Conor, Kip, Arielle, and Christina played a new game where we tried to guess what time we would first see a full orb the name of the game being FORB. Unfortunately, Christina blew me and everybody else out of the water with a guess of 8:05. After veggie fried rice for lunch we had another Oceanography lecture with Will and a part two to our lesson on Dead Reckoning with Jake. I am hoping that sacrificing our weekends to have class will mean we have more time to explore our destination. Despite the sense of newfound routine, it is becoming very clear that many of us need a break from this rigorous schedule. With less than 48 hours in our passage (according to our GPS), I can tell that every single one of us is ecstatic for St. Helena. This is mainly because of the excursions and activities, like snorkeling with whale sharks and hiking the island. Still, many of us are yearning to sip a cold beverage for the first time in weeks, as well as download all the shows, movies, and music that we missed before leaving Cape Town. I myself am running dangerously low on energy drinks and bars that have been my lifeblood on my long night watches we were laughing that the St. Helenans might have to ration for a couple of weeks after we are through with their general store. Many of us are also curious about what living on a ceaselessly rocking boat has done for our motor skills- Are we going to be walking in serpentine patterns? I am also hoping for a soccer field where I can play some sports and engage in light competition with my crew mates to ensure I haven’t lost my touch. Mom, Dad, everybody here is crazy. Please come take me home.