Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The crew was up early to help Ocean Star weigh anchor and depart Pigeon Island bound for Antigua. A sunny sail led to a day full of trim adjustments, sing-alongs, and dance parties. As the hull beat against the waves, we enjoyed the sight of five white canvases against a clear blue sky. Peter yelled, “Land Ho!” and we slipped into English Harbor with the Pillars of Hercules to starboard and an old colonial fort off our port. “Was this the same view that greeted sailors three hundred years ago?” I wondered to myself as we readied our dock lines and fenders.
A slick maneuver onto the dock in the rain brought us straight up to dinner, the whole crew buzzing with excitement for our busy and adventurous week ahead. Antigua, ready or not, here we come!
PS. Happy birthday, Dad! Love, Taylor Bean : )