Location: Pigeon Island, Guadaloupe

The crew was awakened in the morning in a different location than the one of the previous night. Because of closeness to other vessels in unusually shifting winds, the Captain decided to increase our comfort by finding a slightly roomier spot and so lifted anchor. After the ship had anchored anew, the crew was treated to a breakfast of cinnamon toast, yogurt, and fruit. After breakfast, we put together our dive gear to embark on another diving adventure. The goal of the day’s dive was to take a survey for the international survey group Reef Check, to measure the Pigeon Island Marine Park reef’s health. Two groups were deployed, the first in shallow water and the later in deep to find out how many types of fish and invertebrates were present in the reef. After this first dive, the crew came back together to eat lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. We then attended our leadership class, discussing the relationship of communities, which was taught by Smudge. A second dive then followed to collect samples of anemones to aid a USF graduate student’s research. Although life aboard can hardly be described as routine, tonight’s dinner was special; it consisted of pancakes, hot dogs, rice, and fruit. Nonetheless, the crew happily enjoyed each their own servings, and with a full belly, we moved on to finish the night off with a documentary on overfishing called The End of the Line.