Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

It was a super fun and eventful last Thursday on Argo. After an awesome oatmeal (and chocolate chip) breakfast, we motored over to English Harbor. Everyone got to dive at ‘The Pillars, ‘ which had an abundance of wildlife that included sea turtles and spotted eagle ray sightings. The stoke reached a true high as we motored back to Falmouth Harbor, enjoying deli sandwiches for the first time this trip. The energy continued into our last portion of messy boat appreciation, which took up most of the afternoon. Afterward, we all got some well-deserved downtime and then had a fantastic veggie bake dinner, thanks to Sophia and her galley crew. Following dinner, we had one of our most fun and hilarious squeezes yet as we all got to share things that make us happy. The day still is not over yet, too, as a group of us now prepare to go on one last night dive! The mood is bittersweet but full of energy as we now look to take full advantage of the last few days of the trip!

Sunrise clouds this morning
Putting away the fisherman sail
Bella our compotent vegitable dicer
Ethan doing a double