Location: Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Day 88 began like any other, as the hard-working and determined skipper woke up the students with the classic tune “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The wake-up brought the stoke that set the mood for the rest of the day. The day consisted of many dives. ( 7 to be exact.) The students used their skills of efficiency to make it possible for every student to have the opportunity to go diving in the morning and the afternoon on Cade Reef next to Carlisle Bay. These dives brought nothing but joy. Spotted: Caribbean Reef Shark, Spotted Eagle Ray, Great Barracuda, A LOT of Black Durgeons, and of course some lobsters. These were the last times the students were able to dive, and the combination of the awesome animals that were seen, as well as the lengthy yet fun dinghy ride to the dive site, made the day great. The only thing that could have made the day better would have been cheesecake for dessert. SIKE! After a yummy dinner of “Bangers and Mash,” the crew was treated to Seve’s now-famous cheesecake, which only seems to be getting better every time he makes it. After eating this cheesecake, the air was cleared during squeeze as everyone gave their confessions from the trip. This brought nothing but laughs and was a great way to bring everyone closer as our time here is coming to an end. Stoke levels are still rising, despite the fact that there is only one more full day left on Argo, but I know we will make the best of it.

Sunset silhouette
Lance excited after his second dive of the day
Tired but happy divers
The Pillars of Hercules (yesterday’s dive spot)