Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Our last day on the boat. We woke up to some blueberry muffins made by Brahm, a guest chef in the galley for the morning. Then right after breakfast, we pulled up the anchor and motored over to English Harbour, where we docked super close to Ocean Star, one of Seamester’s other boats. We then proceeded to have our last BA of the program, which for some, was very nostalgic. During BA, everyone deep cleaned their bunks and packed up their things trying to get the boat as clean as possible before everyone says their last goodbyes tomorrow morning. As the program comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the past 90 days. We’ve seen everything from glowing dolphins to a Minke whale that chased us throughout squeeze to 89 beautiful sunsets over the ocean and sea. We discuss the people and things that brought us the most joy, including but not limited to the staff, Argo, the great big blue, and the group as a whole. These 90 days have taught us a lot about group dynamics, the ocean, sailing, and how to find joy in the little things. Ask anyone on board, and they will list off a multitude of little things, such as when you make that perfect bowl of boatmeal, when a fly lands on the tip of your nose when you got that megamix of a playlist just right for the vibe, and when the ambiance is just so. To end our time on board, we find joy in the “lasts” of the trip. We appreciate you following the journey.

1. Look at how far we’ve come
2. Argo docking
3. Argo from the dinghy
4, last squeeze and group photo