Location: Antigua/Underway to St. Barth's

Today was another warm, sunny, tropical day in paradise.
I am a massive fan of Antigua. It is the sailing capital of the Caribbean and is extremely welcoming. It has been a great first stop for us, and this morning we prepared for departure. I began my attempts to clear us out of the country at 0830 sharp as I knew that our berth was needed for the Antigua charter boat show, which kicks off in a few days. Now is a good time for us to be moving on as the 5-star luxury charter fleet of superyacht rolls into town. You don’t see many of them cleaning their dishes on deck, or stringing hammocks up in the rigging. Before we left, clean laundry was returned, and fresh fruit was purchased. Now that the engine is purring again, there is much diving, hiking, sailing, and exploring to be done. The islands may only be 50 miles or so apart, but each one is unique, and the cultures vary massively.

For the students, today was a mixture of shore time this morning, and a science walk/explore this afternoon. Our resident marine critter experts Amy and Amanda helped facilitate the tide pool explorations.
At 4 pm, students came back to Argo, hoisted sails in 25 minutes and, just like that, we were sailing off into another beautiful sunset. Over the horizon to the North lies the French island of St Barth’s where the rich and famous reside. With Christmas looming on a different horizon. I heard that nothing says Happy Christmas like a Louis Vuitton handbag for her or a Rolex watch for him.

Pictured: Group photo on the hike to the Pillars of Hercules; silly group picture; part of the walk with beautiful views; Oleg, Cylas, Sydney, Emmalee, Natalie, Lex, and Ev enjoying the tide pools; view from the outside of the striking Pillars of Hercules.

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