Location: St. Barth's

Last night we had one of our last overnight passages, so this one of our last night watches with our watch teams. We have all grown to feel like family, so it’s bittersweet because no one likes waking up at 11:30 pm or 3:30 am for watch, but we do treasure the remaining days and hours we have together. We sailed into St. Barth’s around 9 am this morning accompanied by masked boobies, tropicbirds, and rainbows. After we got safely anchored in this beautiful port, we put the boat “to bed,” which means dropping sails, putting on sail covers, removing the jack lines, and just generally getting things stowed in a tidy manner after a passage. Then we had a tasty lunch of Caribbean veggies prepared by chef Aric and his team. We had beans and rice, roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, and the crown jewel– fried plantains!

We then split into our dive groups, led by Smash, Tim, Amy, and myself, to conduct the underwater navigation dive for the PADI Advanced Open Water course. A few students were already certified before the trip, but the majority completed their Open Water course on board Argo this semester. The Advanced Open Water course allows them to continue their diving education by trying out five different adventure dives where they learn new skills and practice different tasks in new environments. Today they practiced natural navigation, they honed their compass skills even more, and they swam square search patterns. This was our first dive in the Caribbean, and it was a welcome change from the chilly dives we’ve done previously in the Med and the Canary Islands. Plus, the students loved seeing and recognizing the creatures that they have learned about in their Marine Biology class! It’s a whole new world when you realize your friends when you go diving.

After diving, we ate a hearty dinner right after a striking sunset. Now we are going to watch the Deepwater Horizon movie in preparation for the oil spill/pollution lecture in Oceanography class in a few days. We are excited for a nice leisurely evening in the calm port of St. Barths.

Pictured: View off the stern once we got anchored in the morning; Matthew diving; squid that Lex spotted while diving.