Location: St. Barth's/Ile Fourchue

Today we had a marine biology class with Amy in the morning, and we had to create our invasive species. One group took a smaller approach on the matter while the other two groups created scarier-looking ones. Once we finished up class, we were able to go to shore on the island of St. Barth’s, and it was awesome. Since St. Barth is under French control, there was plenty of Gelato to go around for everyone, and pastries and crepes. Many went to get lunch afterward, of course, because in my hometown it’s DESSERT FIRST! When we headed back to the boat, some of us were able to go for a swim and were able to see a whole school of barracuda, which was frightening at first, but soon became super duper cool. This evening before dinner, some of us went for a night swim around Argo, and we saw the brightest bioluminescence we have seen yet! For breakfast this morning, we had bagels, and for dinner, we had pancakes. Now you might be thinking that’s weird to have for dinner, but don’t worry; we had chicken too. It was the Argo version of chicken and waffles! I swear to you that we are eating healthy. It just seems all the unhealthy days are when I am skipper, which I am completely fine with. Now we are anchored in a bay off the island of lle Fourche (4nm away from St. Barth’s) to spend the night and hopefully have a great day tomorrow.

Pictured: 2 photos of us doing the invasive species activity (James and I presenting; Matthew, Tait, and Ben presenting); Lex holding ten baguettes in the dinghy back to Argo after Tina and Amy provisioned for us today.