Location: Ile Fourchue

Today was a day filled with an exam, hiking an uninhabited island, and lots of downtime. We are currently anchored offshore a tiny, remote island called Ile Fourchue, northwest of St. Barths. We came here to explore the island and see the amazing views it had to offer, and also to do a night snorkel in a nearby coral reef. Tonight, during the snorkel, we hope to see bioluminescence, colorful fish, coral reefs, and maybe even some sharks! Earlier today, all the students took the Nav Master exam. We have been preparing for this day since around day 45 after we took our International Competent Crew exam. The exam today included dead reckonings, three bearing fixes, set and drift, and ETA problems. It made sure you know how to use a chart, and you have the knowledge to use a chart and your compass information and speed to navigate an area. The day ended with a great meal prepared by head chef Cylas, and Su chefs Natalie and Wiggy.

Pictured: Views from the top of the peaks on Ile Fourchue; James exploring the island during shore time; Sydney and Ev relaxing in the martingale.