Location: Underway to Saba

Aye! Today was a long one to remember! Waking up the crew after a night of snorkeling sure was a hard task, especially with the soft rock of the boat at anchor nursing them back to sleep every five minutes! But, after taking a bite of some delicious breakfast casserole with eggs, sausage, potatoes, peppers, onions, and a bit of hot sauce, everyone was glad they left their beds. After cleanup, we then took a little trip to familiar waters to begin passage preparation, Saint Barth’s, where sea turtles prance around the boats in the harbor, and the stingrays can be seen 50 feet below the surface with a good pair of eyes. Soon we were on our way for a short journey to our new destination, Saba. We made good time altogether under the command of yours truly and had peanut noodles and pineapple for lunch. When we arrived, we even had a chance to have some free time. Which was kick-started by the skipper with an impressive backflip into the water off and ended with an attempted running dive off the deck into a back flop from our rather talented breadmaker Cole Katz. For those of you at home thinking, “Aw darn, that stinks. I can’t imagine how he could have done that.” We couldn’t either. But I was sure glad to witness the slap on water from 10 feet up with a running start and most definitely heard from even the deepest, furthest point down in Davy Jones’ locker. For dinner, we had curry lamb stew with avocado and mango salad with coleslaw, one of the many great meals on this boat I would have to say. Altogether, the crew was surely satisfied to be in a new port with tons of new possible memories to be made and things to be seen as well as anchor watch!

Today was an amazing day in the Caribbean. We are so thankful for those around us, the staff driving us, and especially the family back home supporting us.

Sincerely, Ye Ol’ Skipper Rick. Aka “Rr-c”

P.S. Our breadmaker is fine.

Notes to Family: Mom and Dad, love you lots and hope to see you soon. Uncle Bill, you were right about the diving here, the best we’ve seen so far! Jake, you should see the size of fish we can’t touch her! Agh! Ashley, miss you lots sissy, call me if you need any help with your math homework 🙂

Pictured: Tim is relaxing on deck on our way to Saba; Natalie, Jackie, Emmalee, and Lex, showing their excitement to be arriving in Saba!