Location: Sardegna, Italy

In the wee hours of the morning around 4:30AM we finally dropped anchor near the beautiful island of Sardegna. There is nothing but beautiful peaks, and sandy beaches all around us. We started the day at 8:30AM with cereal, yogurt and fruit salad and then we got down to business with really appreciating Argo. We washed down the whole deck with ship soap and fresh water and made sure to rust bust and polish everything in sight. We also cleaned the inside of the ship by changing our bed sheets, tidying our rooms, sweeping and scrubbing every wall, door, and crevice. There was a pause for lunch at noon with ABC-LTs (avocado, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato) which were incredibly good. After that we went straight back to work until 3 in the afternoon. Everything is ship shape now. (ha ha). After cleaning we had some free time in which some of the crew went to shore and laid out on the beach, walked around town, or watched the talented kite-surfers and wind surfers. Although we didn’t know it, Sardegna is known as the Hawaii of the Med. The rest of the crew stayed on ship to work on a paper for Marine Biology that is due early tomorrow morning or worked on the pile of laundry we have been ignoring these past few weeks. After everyone came back to Argo we had a delicious dinner of Lemon Pepper Rosemary Chicken with Cous-Cous, cauliflower and broccoli. The chefs worked on it most of the day and it really paid off! Tonight is a very relaxed night where pretty much all of the crew is in the saloon working on their Marine Biology paper on whether Viagra has the potential to save threatened species that are being used for aphrodisiacs in Ancient Chinese Medicine. We had to read a series of articles debating Viagras effect on those particular animals. They are really interesting articles and not everyone is taking the same stance which should allow some room for debate. Its been a beautiful clear day and the night time looks like it will be just as clear with a bit of wind. Who can complain with a day of appreciating Argo, laying on the beach, and getting a little school work done. Why cant every school be like this!? Tomorrow we will be going into shore on Sardegna so hopefully some of the crew will get to take kite-surfing or wind-surfing lessons; or maybe just partake in a game of beach volleyball. Alas, I must go finish my paper like the rest of the crew who waited until the last day. Peace and Love. Ciao.

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