Location: Underway to Sardegna

After a long night and a longer morning of battling less then peaceful seas, some members of Argo myself included decided to skip breakfast for an early morning nap and go straight to lunch. There is frustration among us of why we didn’t anchor where we planned, Calvi on Corsca island, but due to rough conditions it was seen in everyone’s best interests to keep truckin’ south to Sardegna. Despite the number of the crew who fell victim to sea sickness we lunched on gourmet nachos before having our first professional skipper and crew training (PSCT) class, where we were introduced into what we’re going to begin to learn. After lunch we tacked the sails and cleaned the deck a more then daily routine for all us. Everyone is getting more efficient at there roles on the Argo and improvement is not only daily but hourly. Crew is getting closer, I guess there’s just something about battling 20ft waves and 30knot winds that binds people who just met each other for the first time two weeks ago together. But we haven”t seen anything yet the real battle is yet to come. After PSCT we have marine biology, this is a completely different classroom, when you are up all night with your teacher doing engine checks and helming through swells there’s an understanding why your paper isn’t going to be in on time. So the crew of the Agro was allowed one more day to finish there homework. For dinner we had pasta carbanera, and then formed back into our watch teams to finish the trip to Sardegna. We plan to arrive at our destination around 4am. Meaning if I’m lucky I wont have to pull a second watch, even though a small part of me wants it. It’s a completely different world at night, no land in sight, just stars, swells and the wind, pushing us forward through life.

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