Location: Roseau, Dominica

After waking up a little sore from yesterday’s memorable hike, all of us aboard Argo proceeded to hungrily scarf down some delicious crepes. These were topped with peanut butter, syrup, sugar, fresh fruit, or some interesting combination. Each did whatever it took to fill up before the morning dive. After quickly completing breakfast cleanup and sorting dive gear, we took off, full of anticipation, in Smoke for Dive Dominica, a rather renowned dive shop. Not long after our arrival, we were cruising along the coastline in one of their boats, prepping our gear. Twenty minutes later, we were at the site called ‘Witch’s Broom,’ which was a fantastic wall dive. With two tanks each, we were ready for two back-to-back dives in these unique waters. The first was along a stunning wall of coral that extended down into depths unknown. The sheer variety of life was breathtaking. There were innumerable eel & crab, large and small, a massive flat flounder, and an oddly eloquent squid. Not to mention the mass amount of fish, no matter where you looked. After an exchange of tanks, we were ready to descend once again. This time we were headed to the champagne bubbles at a site appropriately named ‘Champagne.’ with more beautiful coral and more stunning inhabitants. It was a truly odd thing to see those bubbles arise from nowhere and disappear to the surface, and then to feel the radiant warmth of the Earth. Not long after, it was time to resurface and head back to shore. After a cold rainy ride back, it was optional lunch and free time. Some stayed back to work on homework or nap, and some made the walk into town in search of local cuisine, WiFi, or simply to experience this island on their own. We just had to make sure to be back in time to freshen up before squeeze at 17:45, which was followed by a dinner out at the Dominica Dive Shop!