Location: En Route to Mauritius

This is it, folks, the final day of passage before we can all claim the glory of sailors who’ve completed their first ocean crossing. Our day started as it typically does, with a cheery wakeup from the watch team ahead of you. In the case of my watch team, these often come from George, who has risen in the ranks throughout the trip to be named one of the best wakers we have aboard Argo. Our watch rolled on, blissfully free of rain for the first time in a long time. Claire Miller was named watch team 2’s “seal of the hour” for her eagle eyes and spotting fishing gear dead ahead of us from all the way on the helm. The morning continued with a combination of naps, sailing, and last-minute prep for our Oceanography quiz and Group project deadline. If anyone once thought coordinating group work was difficult back in school, they clearly had never attempted the feat with a group of people who are living on entirely different sleep schedules. Captain Ben and his sous chefs whipped together an amazing lunch, repurposing last night’s chicken. We had Oceanography class and our first round of student presentations by Jack, Claire R., and Mikaela on our personal research topics. We then went on the have a Seamanship class dedicated to practice problems and nav mastery. The afternoon continued with Ben, Lindsey, and Ana working more culinary miracles to put together dinner as our fresh food supply dwindles. As skipper today, I felt it important to address a major flaw in all of our safety prep. We have had multiple surprise fire, abandon ship, and man overboard drills but somehow have failed to adequately prepare for the entirely possible event of a pirate invasion. In order to rectify this oversight, I asked for everyone’s personal plan of action in the case of this occurrence. The answers varied with some, such as Nick and Simon fashioning homemade cannons and flamethrowers, to Jack, Hugh, and my plan to pirate the pirates and continue program aboard their tricked-out pirate ship. This question proved quite informative, too, as we learned that certain people in our midst *cough* Henry, Claire R., Mikaela, Claire M, Alex, and Ally *cough, cough* would have no qualms about betraying us in order to live out their dreams of becoming a pirate. As I stand here now, typing this blog post-cleanup, Jack is still in the chart house discussing all possible pirate situations with Ben, so it’s safe to say a conversion was started. It’s been an amazing passage, and we are all anxious to be the one to get to scream “Land Ho” and to see what adventures Mauritius will bring. Hopefully (pending a pirate attack in the middle of the night), Argo will roll into Port Louis sometime in the early morning. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s thrilling tales of the massive BA that Argo is in serious need of.