Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Captain’s Log. Stardate 4-11-17.

“Land Ho!” Connor yelled into the dark, predawn sky. At 2:15 am — he, Jon Luc, and I stood on the bow, squinting. Struggling to see past the sea spray and scattered showers, we spotted land for the first time in nearly 14 days…

What’s up! The skipper of the day, Jack — coming to you live from Mauritius… we made it! Through fair weather and foul sunrises and sets — we just traveled nearly 2500 miles. 2500! We arrived in Port Louis early this morning. Afterward, we simultaneously cleared customs, ate lunch, and did a BIG BA. Then, we had a short time! Just enough to walk around the marina, grab a drink, and have a shower before dinner. Now we’re nearly done cleaning up dinner — and getting ready for a night out! Some of us have got our dancing shoes on — so watch out! The Argonauts have made it to Mauritius!