Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Welcome back to the excursion day with Alexander!

After being slow to wake up from our night out last night, the crew groggily got off the boat and hopped in vans for our day touring Mauritius. Here are some of the highlights: Our first stop on this adventure was a model ship shop. Although there were no models of Argo, everyone had a good time looking at model ships ranging from the Black Pearl to the Bismarck to Ferrari Yachts. Many of us ended up leaving the shop with some souvenirs. Oddly most of us didn’t get ships but found great interest in the dodo birds (unfortunately not real ones). Our next stop was a beautiful view of some cliff faces and a waterfall. Next, we arrived at lunch, which was appreciated by all.

The restaurant we went to had traditional Mauritian cuisine (curry). The restaurant also had wifi. That being said, there was not a lot of conversation happening during the meal, and we must have spent hours there, just sitting there catching up on how the world is spinning while we’ve been at sea. From lunch, we went to a National Park, which gave us some beautiful activities and views. They had both the third-longest zip-line in the world and the longest suspension bridge in the Indian Ocean. Both were amazing! While some of us went zip-lining, the rest of us checked out the site for which the area is famous, one containing 23 distinct colors of the earth. The different colored soils came from a volcano on the island blowing in the wind to this central location. Luckily those of us who did the zip line got an aerial view of the dirt after the zip line. We are currently on our way back to Argo, and I am writing this in the car ride back because our day is not over, and when we get back to the boat, we’ll have dinner followed by a Marine Bio class. Long day. Good day. I hope we all stay awake during class…