Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today we all awoke to our last morning at Nelson’s dockyard. It was time to say goodbye to the luxuries of the dock life, such as real bathrooms and cold drinks only yards away, not to mention a limitless supply of electricity and water. But none of us minded, and we were all excited to move to the uninhabited Green Island. Today was my first day orchestrating a maneuver such as leaving a dock- but all went well, and we were soon on our way. Upon arrival, we reviewed our rescue diver homework, and then had free time until dinner. Some of us learned how to wind surf, some went to the beach, and the majority of us went snorkeling around the nearby reef. I found a really cool sea urchin test (skeleton), but unfortunately Arielle broke it. Shortly after clean up from dinner, we will all attend Oceanography class, and I’m sure after that we will all head for our bunks and get a good night’s sleep.