Location: Villefranche, France

Yesterday never really ended for some, because the Argo crew worked together motor sailing through the night. The crew awoke to new sounds and smells in French waters. After a long night and a morning of Boat Appreciation (BA, aka “swabbing the decks” and yacht-TLC), everyone was happy to have some shore time in Villefranche, France. We are right in between two popular destinations, Nice and Monaco. Many of the crew took walks around the town and into Nice, sampling the French cuisine and comparing the French espresso to the Italian variety that we had become familiar with sipping. I like to jog, and I took a quick jog to the Promenade du Anglais in Nice, where summer crowds were still buzzing, enjoying the scenery. I made it back just in time for dinner and the pre-dinner icebreaker known as the Squeeze. It was a great start for our journey in France, and we all look forward to a long day of shore leave and night out in Monaco. set date: 2012-10-02