Location: Villefranche, France

Early morning in Villefranche for the Argo crew. We only had Nopes to rely on to shuttle us to shore so we could all make a 9 am train to Monaco. Once we arrived, our group walked into Le Rocher (the Rock) (aka Old Town) for a tour of the Oceanographic Museum and a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium. We concluded around 12:30 pm and were free to roam wherever until we meet up to sign out at 5 pm at the Monte Carlo train station. Lots of people made the trip back to Nice for some shopping, but I stayed in Monaco for the day. Everyone met up at 5 pm as planned, but a small group and I decided to head back to Argo and get dressed up for the night out. Eric, Holden, Staige, Tommy, and I proceeded back to Monaco dressed to the 9’s and feeling fresh. We found some drinks at Star’s and Bar’s. Everyone eventually showed up for a drink before splitting off into separate groups. Port Hercules at nighttime is a sight to be seen as well as Le Grand Casino. Just watching the cars outside of the casino was entertaining. Eventually, we made our way back to the train station only to find out we had missed the last train! So we wrangled up some cabs and shuttled 25 people back to Villefranche. In the end, we all returned safe and sound, laughing about the night and hoping that we will one day return to Monaco. The best day thus far. set date: 2012-10-03


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