Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island, BVI

It was another remarkable day onboard the good ship Ocean Star. We slipped our mooring under sail last night and left Saba, sailing on a broad reach towards the setting sun and the open horizon. Watches continued through the night, weathering some scattered squalls and enjoying shooting stars in between them. The voyage peaked when Bret and Simon landed two small tunas at dawn. The fish were gutted and marinated in the fridge within minutes. We arrived back in the BVI at the Baths by 0930, and after Simon cleared us in at customs, everyone went to shore to explore the caves and grottos. We ate lunch underway while heading for Great Harbor at Peter Island, where we picked up Ocean Star’s mooring. The divers then set up their equipment and enjoyed a dive on the Fearless, an old wooden shipwreck. After the dive, we enjoyed a dinner of grilled tuna and pasta with the company of Mike, one of Seamester’s directors. With dinner clean-up complete, we moved into closing program activities with a sense of melancholy – happy to have shared so many amazing things with one another but sad to think that tomorrow it will be drawing to a close.