Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Arrival day is always a whirlwind, and today was no different! Starting at lunchtime, students arrived at the boat in ones and twos and a few small groups who had found each other. Lots of smiles and waves and heavy duffle bags (and some covid tests) later, we had a crew of students onboard. There was some free time in the afternoon for the earlier arrivals, and they spent time exploring the Victoria and Alfred waterfront, where we were docked, or they played cards and started getting to know each other. We ate dinner in the evening as the sun was setting and welcomed our last few students well after dark. But despite the late arrivals, everyone was excited to be here and seemed to be getting along well so far. We learned a bit about cleaning up the boat after mealtimes, did our first squeeze, and people got (mostly) settled into their cabins and bunks. Everyone is a bit tired, and many are jetlagged, but we are looking forward to a big day of orientation and learning about the program and the vessel tomorrow. Cheers to the first night onboard!

Argo on the dock at the V and A Waterfront
Artwork at the waterfront
Sea lion enjoying the sun on the dock