Location: Civitavecchia

After an epic sail yesterday and an eerie night passage from Sardinia to mainland Italy, through the haze of a near-full moon, the crew of Argo finally arrived in Civitavecchia – the port city of Rome – a bit sleepy and a bit salty. Never ones to rest on their laurels, however, the tireless crew sprang into action immediately after bringing Argo starboard side to the dock. We launched into a thorough boat appreciation and provisioning period. Finishing up just after lunch, the shipmates finally had time to venture ashore and unwind after four straight days aboard the boat. Our chefs, Marie and Caroline, prepared a delicious pasta alfredo dish to cap off our triumphant arrival to mainland Italy, keeping the crew content and satisfied through the evening’s oceanography quiz and literature review presentations. Sunset saw the crew sleeping happily in their bunks, resting up for the many adventures Rome has in store for us tomorrow.