Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

The day began with the continuation of last nights passage. Even with a healthy breeze the crew adapted quickly. Lunch on a steep heel was interesting to say the least. After a well executed sail douse and flake we were all excited to see Langkawi. As Boomer went to make our presence official, the rest of us issued Argo a little TLC. We gladly accepted the rest of the afternoon off for free time. Annie and Arron prepared a Mexican feast for all, after which yours truly took charge of the scheduling meeting which seems to be to everyones liking. A great day for all, which seemed to peak when Boomer fell into the laz. Excited for tomorrow and our first night out! Much love to all back home.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;