Location: underway

After a peaceful night voyage Argo arrived at Kata Beach on Phuket at the crack of dawn. She was anchored and had her sails flaked by watch team three. After finishing our breakfast of cereal we began the dreaded boat appreciation. However, the beautiful sunshine lifted our spirits and after about three of four hours of polishing the boat looked simply stunning. Having finished early we got extended shore leave and lunch on land. The boat got resupplied, Boomer got extorted for two thousand baht by customs, and we picked up our final shipmate Tom who we welcomed aboard heartily. Once everyone got back we prepared the boat for the trip south to Langkawi. We expect to arrive tomorrow lunch time, but we have good winds that will hopefully speed our progress. Shipmates are trying to get used to the heel of the boat but walking through the lower deck remains a tricky affair! Bring on Malaysia!