Location: Nevis

Around noon today, we arrived in Nevis, which marked our first 24 hours, overnight sail aboard Ocean Star. Although most were groggy-eyed during the 3 hours on, 6 hours off watch shifts throughout the voyage, once we moored, everyone brightened up, ate some lunch, went for a swim, and cleaned their bunks. After everyone cooled down, we went right back to work doing something called boat appreciation. In other words, cleaning literally the entire boat. Inside and out. The work wasn’t easy, but seeing Ocean Star sparkle once we finished was definitely rewarding. Afterward, we sat on the deck for an Oceanography lesson from Ivy in which we learned the ins and outs of plate tectonics and chose topics for an upcoming research paper. We just finished dinner, and clean up is going on as I type. Well soon be getting ready to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on deck under the stars to celebrate our arrival in Nevis, so thanks for reading and make sure to check the blog again tomorrow for another update from the crew!