Location: East London, South Africa

We were just a few nautical miles offshore sailing early this morning when during sunrise, there was a big swarm off moths that invaded Argo. They got on to our foulies. Annie and I were scared of them that they would eat our foulies! Thankfully they did not, although we found some moths hiding during sail flaking and down below during BA. Since we had a BA, everything is clean, and all of the moths are now gone. Manuela and her sous chefs made us a good lunch of grilled cheese, fruit, and a healthy salad that I really enjoyed. We arrived in East London at 15:00 today. We got here a few hours early because the current makes us a bit faster – we have been riding the famous Agulhas Current that runs from north to south on the east coast of Africa. We are now on a nice dock next to the Yacht Club and between some huge cargo ships that are loaded with tons of old luxury cars. Now after dinner, we have PSCT presentations about the engine room, dive compressor, AC systems, and other technical things on the boat. Everyone has started to be sad because we have counted the days we’re on board, and everyone is kept in mind that it will end soon, how much we will miss everyone, and how nice the time is on the ocean to be unreachable for the “normal world.” Because of that little sadness, I decided to make a funny squeeze question to keep that thing of sadness away so we can enjoy the last days of happiness. The question was: What would be your move and sound that you would do if we were attacked by pirates to confuse them. There were many creative answers that included singing a capella music as a chorus from on top of the boom, using smelly towels to scare them away, and everyone lying on the floor with their arms and legs in the air wiggling like octopi.