Location: Martinique

The day began with the shrill ring of a fire drill. Within a minute, the crew was on deck, having donned life jackets and was shaking off the last remnants of sleep and slurping down sausages and hard-boiled eggs. The ship had been prepared for passage, so all that was standing between us and the Caribbean Sea was our two anchors, which we quickly raised and then moved directly into setting our four lower sails. Once underway, we fell off onto a comfortable starboard tack, shut down the engine, and dead reckoned our way north towards Martinique. Halfway through our passage, the fishing rod began to squeal and soon produced a massive Mahi-Mahi, which we landed, cleaned, and stowed in the galley for the evening meal. Not long afterward, the sea began to explode, and suddenly dolphins were jumping ten feet out of the water as a huge pod passed close on our starboard side. Soon we were tacking our way into Grande Anse D’Arlet and setting anchor in the beautiful French harbor. The remainder of the afternoon included showering, scheduling our next week, and lighting the grills to prepare the day’s catch. The evening was capped off with oceanography presentations, and the crew fell asleep quickly after that, bringing another day of our incredible voyage to a close.