Location: Underway to Nevis

The passage was long, but it made it that much more rewarding when we saw the lights Nevis crest over the dark horizon. Wed spent many hours not even seeing land. Many of us had some sea sick-ish moments on this passage, but it really brought the crew together, supporting one another and cheering each other one when we all finally rebounded toward the end of the passage as the waters calmed. Passage life is an experience all its own. Something most crew members have nothing to compare to, and which will be hard to explain to those back home. It bonds us. In our three watch teams, we spend 3 hours on, at the helm, checking the boat and watching the waters so those below may sleep knowing we are sailing safely.

After your 3 hours on, you get to rest or prepare for our mealtimes. Dinner today was delicious chili, which finally had meat in it! That was pretty dang thrilling since, as a Texan, I dont believe in chili that only contains beans, haha. After dinner, we sat in our squeeze circle, and each shared a memory that makes us smile when things get a little tough. I thought it might be a good question for those that were having to tough out some seasickness or tiredness on this passage. The squeeze is one of my favorite events in our daily life. Its a quiet (or sometimes funny) moment each evening where we get to know one another a little better. After our squeeze, there were only a few hours left of passage. We pulled into the waters off Nevis around 23:00 hours, and our sailing skills really showed bright as we smoothly and quickly dropped sails and anchor and were in bed again by 23:45! So proud of how quickly this team has learned the ship and how to work together. (PS Keenan says happy birthday to his brother Michael! We all talk about family and home a lot. We love our adventure here, but we dont forget those at home).