Location: Nevis

Waking up this morning, we were greeted by the pristine view of Nevis. A volcanic spire shrouded in thick jungle beckoned the crew from our exhausted state. One by one, we stepped out on to the deck, each taking a moment to appreciate the reward of our passage that cost us 36 hours, a couple of bottles of Dramamine, and exhaustion only rivaled by that of our first swim test on day 2. After a well-deserved breakfast and thanking our dear vessel with a good cleaning, we ventured on to solid land for the first time in days. Splitting into three groups, our excursions took us ocean kayaking, riding horseback through the warm surf, and a grueling 16-mile bike ride that left even our strongest crewmembers with jelly legs (Especially Harper). Upon returning to Ocean Star, some of us took to studying for our first oceanography quiz tomorrow, while others wiped away the salt of seven days on the water by hand washing (probably for the first time) their clothes in a saltwater and detergent cocktail. After learning about the sights, sounds, and buoyage protocols of the open water from our salty captain Eric, we conducted our nightly squeeze. This time we told each other the thing in our lives that we were most proud of, ranging from learning to swim just to come on this very trip to earning full rides to college for a variety of skills and talents. Finally, after what seemed to be one of the longest days yet, we were rewarded with a wholesome meal of ribs and Caribbean grilled chicken from a local island dig. It is now approximately 11 pm, Im absolutely exhausted, and I miss my mom, but this trip is turning out to be the time of my life. Shout out to all the parents that have made all this possible for us (Especially you, Suzette); were loving it here. Some bad weather is keeping us here in Nevis another day, but none of us are complaining. Tomorrow will bring about some downtown cultural exploration and maybe even some time to study. Or maybe well just swim some more.

Signing out,