Location: Nevis

Waking up in Nevis is a feeling unparalleled. The boat rocks gently from side to side as the crew begins to wake from slumber. Today is the day we explore the island the imminent adventure awaits, as we excitedly talk of a proposed lunch menu; Pizza? Burgers? Fish n Chips? The possibilities are endless, and food is, of course, of the utmost priority. After a few morning lectures on docking boats for our PEN course and navigation for advanced open water diving and a gourmet spread of French toast, we set out to land again. We arrive on the dock hungry and hot, deciding to head straight towards a small restaurant down the road called Boddies. After a great lunch in the park, we explored the islands fashion trends and chatted with a few locals about the fruits we should try. After hanging out on the dock, we returned to the boat to study for our oceanography quiz, as well as for a quick shower in the ocean and some preparation before beginning our 34-hour journey to Dominica tomorrow. We ended the day in a typical fashion, sitting in a circle with joined hands, each answering a question that the skipper, today me, asked. Today, we each deemed the person to our left a certain celebrity. If only those celebrities could see us now.