Location: Aruba

Despite my complete inability to get the Beach Boys song out of my head these past two days, our stay in Aruba has been a pleasant and relaxing experience. After two morning classes (a marine science slideshow and Professional Skipper and Crew Training) the crew split up and headed off for some free time. Some stayed onboard for a while to help put the new provisions away, and a few helped Dan change some oil and filters in the engine room, but most headed off for that one last ice cream with lunch. Some shipmates took the shuttle over to the nearby resort’s private island and spent the afternoon on the beach with some flamingoes and iguanas. We all met back up again for a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers and green beans cooked by head chef Andrew and his team, and after cleanup was complete the oceanography students had a short quiz and the basic seamanship class had a rousing “pinrail chase” on deck under the floodlights. As fun as our stay has been I think everyone is looking forward to sailing off once again, this time to a completely different way of life in the San Blas islands. We’re expecting some bumpy seas, but these Argonauts are excited and ready to go.andlt;br /andgt;andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;