Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

As the crew awoke at 7:15 am, there was a level of uncertainty as to whether the French bakeries and supermarkets would yield adequate breakfast food. When all seemed lost, Kris spotted Kevin on shore holding big bags full of baguettes, pastries and watermelon and we knew it would be a good day. After our excellent breakfast, we worked through a Marine Biology class, and then left for the shores of Fort de France. Despite our fears of everything being closed because of Francelands extended Halloween, Fort de France was reasonably hoppin and full of French culture. Some of us ate at Martiniques high-class version of McDonald’s Quick Burger that solidly did the job. When we got back to the boat, the crew got right to hoisting sails and preparing for the short passage up the coast to St. Pierre. After our arrival, clean up, shower time and dinner preparation, we enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner – an Ocean Star original meal, at least for this trip. I guess the French came through for us.