Location: Fort de France, Martinique

Today we awoke to much calmer weather than we have been experiencing since hurricane Tomas. The sun started to shine as we ate oatmeal on deck. Soon after clean-up, sail prep started. All three watch teams competed in raising each sail, which we completed in less than thirty minutes, for a prize on our next night out. The winning team raised all three sails in 5m 04sec. Even more impressive is that the slowest team was able to do this in just under 8 minutes. Now that we are more than halfway through the trip, our skills and knowledge onboard are obviously improving. Sails raised and tightened, we began our 33mile trip to Fort de France, Martinique. There were six-foot rollers rocking Ocean Star and the odd 10 footers, which made more than just a few people queasy! The ocean wasn’t rough, just filled with swells; the biggest concern was to the bow watch. Shortly after leaving St. Lucia, Seb and I noticed a huge wall of floating driftwood all along our path. We had to navigate the boat through tree trunks, branches, coconuts, and driftwood like an obstacle course. This happened every once in a while for the rest of the passage to Martinique. Once we pulled in to Fort de France, a quick Boat Appreciation (BA) took place as well as sail flaking, and for the first time in a few days, our ocean bathing. We had all been able to freshwater shower in Marigot, and the ocean is not so murky here as it was not as affected by the hurricane this far north. Overall, it has been a long day, and Im sure everyone is looking forward to bed after class. I know I am.