Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

This morning the crew of Ocean Star awoke to a strange sound silence- then followed by Thriller by Michael Jackson. The torrential rains of the night had passed, leaving us a bit wetter but no worse for wear. The same could not be said of the local water taxi fleet, however, which was in dire need of a few automatic bilge pumps to keep them dry. Almost half the boats were almost sunk from the rain. After a stimulating lecture on Marine reptiles and birds, we unmoored and headed north to Rodney Bay, the heart of St. Lucia’s thriving tourist industry. We all headed ashore for the afternoon to explore, only to find that the storm had knocked out power and water to most of the island, leaving huge crowds to gather at the few establishments that had their own generators. After an afternoon of standing in line at the grocery store and restaurants, the crew retired aboard for the Halloween costume contest that Thaddeus (dressed as Kris) won by a zinc-covered nose. Tomorrow morning we set sail for the sunny shores of Martinique. Cool. Peace. Bye.