Location: Marigot, St. Lucia

The day begun with a relatively slow morning, thanks to a much-deserved night of relaxation ashore the previous evening. Ears soon pricked up as news filtered down the lines of an impending visit from Tropical Storm Tomas. Following a speedy breakfast, the deck was sorted down and a secondary anchor deployed ready to bear anything that Mother Nature could throw our way. A relatively painless Oceanography quiz was completed hastily before most of the crew decided to re-locate themselves to shore and check out what little was still up and running. I’m told some opted to brave the now hurricane category 1 classified Tomas from the comfort of a hotel room, whilst those who did remain aboard amused themselves with an assortment of board games and movies (pausing only to take pictures of the occasional flying Hobie cat) A Marine Biology class started off the nights activities following the serving of a delicious pasta dish for supper. Whist everyone begins to settle down for the evening now veterans of their first hurricane and the excitement draws to a close, wind and rain continues to race around the boat like go-karts competing for position on a race track. Kris out.