Location: Marigot, St. Lucia

Today was a sad day. Although it was another beautiful morning in the Caribbean, it was our last day to enjoy the smell of rotten eggs (sulfur from the volcanic activity) in Soufriere. This, plus the fact that I may never see our good buddy Pascal ever again was very upsetting. Pascal is an interesting local who lives in the jungle and swims out to Ocean Star to sell us fruit and carved calabash bowls. He will be greatly missed. Even though today’s date is the halfway mark of the trip, it seems like it has only just begun. The days events were fairly normal; breakfast followed by a marine biology class. We departed Soufriere after class for the island of Marigot. The sail may have been short, but it was very fun. We got the flying jib and the fisherman sail up which was pretty cool because its the first time we’ve sailed Ocean Star under full sail. When we arrived in Marigot we were allowed some shore time where we all took freshwater showers (my first in 40 days). It is sad that the semester is halfway over, but also very exciting that we have another 40 days of adventure in the Caribbean.