Location: Ahe Atoll, Tuamotu's

Today was a beautiful Sunday with a scorching sun. As some of the shipmates and I walked through the small village, we couldn’t help but notice the utter silence that surrounded us. When we neared the church, the sound of singing reached us, and slowly we began to see signs of life- a few small boys playing soccer, an elderly grandfather with his young granddaughter, and mothers carrying babies. It was hard to believe that we were seeing this sight that you really only read about in books or see in movies. We continued to wander around the atoll, playing in the tide pools and snorkeling in lagoons. The afternoon was topped off with the rigging of the boom swing and many joyous jumps and leaps of faith. To end this beautiful day, half of the crew is participating in a night dive in hopes of seeing some legendary French Polynesian sharks.