Location: St.Barth's

Bonjour from France Land! We arrived this morning just after 3 am, and two hours after Sam scared away our dear friend Pierre, our hitchhiking Pidgeon, from the passage. Watch teams 1 and 2 did an awesome job taking down sails and dropping anchor while watch team 3 slept peacefully below (:D). Waking up only hours later to Maggie May and Beach Boys seem to make for a happy crew. Boat appreciation followed breakfast, and soon after, we were headed for the docks and lunch onshore. With it being Sunday and mid-day, most of the island had shut down except a small bakery and beach shack. However, the beach shack was nowhere near shack pricing. It still made for a good meal and afternoon hang out for us advanced open water students while all other open water divers dove another training dive. The rest of the day was spent showering inshore showers, trips to the ice cream store, and hanging out on the boat catching up with emails and family. We had planned for a night out at Le Select for dinner, but again with it being Sunday, nothing was open. So dinner was on board, and sailing lesson and free time will take up the rest of the night. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s day of surfing fun and a night out!