Location: Underway to St. Barth's

Today was another exciting day for the crew of Ocean Star. After a successful night dive last night, the crew slept long and hard and awoke anticipating our departure for St. Barths. This morning the open water crew unraveled the mysteries of the PADI dive table and finished the last of their quizzes. We only have two more dives and a final exam before we will have some newly minted SCUBA divers! Throughout the rest of the morning, we prepared for our voyage to St. Barths, filling up on water, fuel, and last-minute items before we headed off just after lunch. Sail raise went smoothly, as the crew is starting to remember what each of the lines does and the order in which we need things to happen to make this 76-ton vessel move! We headed out of English Harbour on a nice broad reach for St. Barths and were able for the first time this trip to just turn off the motor and just let the wind carry us. We’re currently making 8 knots toward St. Barth’s and sailing smoothly. Our chefs Hillary and Jon cooked up a delicious batch of chili for dinner, and the crew was looking forward to night passage under sail with bellies full and spirits high. The skies are clear, and the stars are just starting to appear in the sky- it doesn’t get much better than this!