Location: Underway to Barcelona, Spain

The crew woke up this morning to the sounds of Pink Floyd after their night out in Bonifacio. We were greeted to a meal of french toast as was fitting for our last day in France ha ha. We were given a few hours of free time on shore before once again raising the sails. Some of us decided to get a last pain au chocolat while others made another stop to the infamous Bonifacio candy store to stock up for our next voyage. At noon our chefs made us some delicious gumbo, and immediately after we left port and got all hands on deck to raise the sails. You can tell that were getting better because it doesn’t take us two hours anymore. After the sails were up, we were officially on our way to Barcelona. The trek should take 2-3 days depending on how much Poseidon likes us. Captain Boomer informed us that we could be experiencing more 20-knot winds, but for now were sailing pretty smoothly and enjoying our dinner of shepherds pie.

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