Location: Palau, Sardegna, Italy

0700 hours. ZZzzZZz. Boom, fire alarm! Whaaaa. The fire alarm was set off early this morning and the crew scrambled to get up on deck. Bleary-eyed, still in our underwear, and all wearing our heavy duty orange PFDs, we circled in the cockpit still stunned by the alarm. After a quick count off, Boomer reminded us that being on Argo can be serious business and that we always need to be on point regardless of the hour. After breakfast we had our first marine biology lab in which we measured which colors of the rainbow fade into the ocean first. In our spare time before lunch we had a bit of free time in which people: played cards, Jesse and Doug had their daily battle of hand slaps in the saloon, others fist pumped while playing music on Argos sound system, while the rest of us caught up on sleep. After lunch we hit the dinghies and sped off to shore in order to check out the town of Palau. We happened to get there during siesta so most places were closed, but we did manage to catch the tail end of the local market and reconnect with friends and family on the internet at a cafe. Five o’clock rolled around and that meant that it was time for the usual routine of showers and flips off the bowsprit before dinner. Tonight we look forward to another Professional Skipper and Crew Training class and watching a movie in the saloon.